February 2016 meeting

Low energy interests and hobbies

On Saturday 13th February, 4 of us met to discuss 'low energy hobbies/interests'. We had an interesting discussion about what we can do with the problem of being too ill to do anything, and too bored to do nothing! We all know the feeling of being unable to do anything at all when very unwell, but people suggested things that they might do at slightly better times. These included gentle activities ranging from listening to relaxation meditations e.g. on YouTube, to crochet, playing solitaire on the computer, drawing and even going to see ballet!


We agreed that sometimes concentration can be a problem so anything not too taxing on the brain, and especially anything that can be broken into chunks is helpful, e.g. reading a magazine. We also talked a little philosophically about having to perhaps let go of some of the things we did before becoming ill, grieving the loss, and adapting to taking up new things, if anything, and coming to terms with a change in identity. It was a friendly and informal meeting.


The next quarterly meeting is on Saturday 23rd April, 2.00 - 3.30 pm in Cornerstones. It's on "Further referrals and treatments that people have found helpful", either NHS or alternative treatments. All welcome. Tea and coffee provided.