August 2016 meeting

Bowen Therapy: Where did it originate from, what is it and how does it work?

This therapy originated from Australia.  It was developed by Thomas Bowen in the 1950/60s after he had done extensive studying of the body and Chinese Medicine. Tom was a genius and never documented anything but he did invite an Australian couple to document his therapy for him. It is from this documentation that The Bowen Technique is now taught all over the world. It came to Britain in 1992.

Bowen Therapy  is a very gentle hands-on, non-invasive, holistic technique which stimulates the body to do its own healing.  Think of the body as a fine instrument that requires a subtle tuning to make it function at its best - that is what Bowen does best.


It appears to work on the energy channels of which there are a great many throughout the entire body.  These channels become blocked when the body has a problem and Bowen moves stimulate the affected channels to un-block and start a healing program.

These gentle moves are applied with a rolling action, using the forefingers or thumbs, to very precise points of muscle and soft tissue.  It is very subtle and the client can have a great feeling of deep relaxation. The technique can be applied to a client through light, loose clothing, in the lying or sitting position.  At all times the client is kept warm with a light blanket or towels. 

Bowen works well on all ages from babies through to the very elderly.  It  can help so many problems, both skeletal and organ. For example:- respiratory problems, bed-wetting, headaches, fatigue, sciatica , stress, painful joints, back pain, to name just a few.  Carolyn has found it to be helpful to clients with ME and Fibromyalgia.

Generally a therapy session will take up to an hour to complete depending on how the client's body responds.