The group has a number of books and DVDs which are available to our members (details below). If you would like to borrow a book/DVD, or have any suggestions of books to buy, please contact our administrator, Julie on 01524 888214 or email

The Art of You – Self Discovery through Art:  Card game and Booklet

Hazel Urquhart

How to Beat Fatigue - More zest the natural way

Louis Proto

Essential help for Your Nerves –Overcome stress

Dr Claire Weekes

Choose your thoughts – Change your life

Jane Duncan

Living Well with Pain and Illness – The mindful way to free yourself from suffering

Viyamala Burch

100% Health – The drugfree guide to feeling better and living longer

Patrick Holford

From Fatigued to Fantastic – A Guide to overcoming severe chronic fatigue, achiness, poor sleep

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum

Solve It with Supplements - Minibooklet on 53 mineras, vitamins and herbs


Setting the Pace – A guide to pacing for people with CFS/ME.:.Booklet and DVD

Telford and Wrekin NHS Trust

The Lightning Process

Phil Parker

International Conference on ME/CFS 2008: 4 DVDs

ME Research Trust

Chronic Fatigue System – a natural way to treat ME

Prof B Puri

Teach Yourself to Meditate

Eric Harrison

Surviving ME – Practical Stategies

Joyce Fox

The Reverse Therapy Approach to ME and Fibromyalgia - Bodymind Healing

John Eaton

ME and You, A survivor's guide

Steve Wilkinson

Beat Fatigue Handbook

Erica White

Fatigue – the secrets of getting your energy back (Jolly fat paperback)

Xandria Williams

Who Switched off my Brain?

Dr Caroline Leaf

Living with M.E.

Dr Charles Shepherd

Why Me? The Journey from M.E. to Health and Happiness

Alex Howard

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue. A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques

Mary Burgess with Trudie Chalder

The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet

Christine Craggs-Hinton

Living with M.E. - the chronic / post-viral fatigue syndrome

Dr Charles Shepherd

The State of me - everyday living shouldn't be this hard

Nasim Marie Jafry

The Perrin Technique. How to beat chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E.

Dr Raymond Perrin

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. How to turn fear and indecision into confidence and action

Susan Jeffers

The Book of Stress Survival. How to relax and live positively

Alix Kirsta

The Paleo Solution. The original human diet

Robb Wolf